JSCA Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Developed through a broad participatory construction process, in which 760 people from the different countries of the Americas participated, the JSCA Strategic Plan 2022-2026 is the instrument that establishes the roadmap that the institution will develop in the coming years. It also establishes the priority thematic areas in which the institution intends to make a significant and verifiable impact on the justice systems of the Americas. This plan guides all of the institution’s technical and financial management tools and the development of the capacities that JSCA will gradually and progressively strengthen over the coming years.

Strategic Map


To support the reform and modernization of the justice systems of the Americas.


To be recognized as the specialized agency on the functioning of justice systems in the Americas, which contributes to sustainable improvements in access to justice for all people.


– Democracy and respect for human
– Independence and autonomy
– Ethical behavior
– Transparency and accountability
– Environmental sustainability

Priority Topics