On Thursday, April 11, JSCA Executive Director Nataly Ponce Chauca presented the institution’s 2023 Annual Report to the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS).
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In March, the JSCA team traveled to Bogotá to meet with the Colombian and Peruvian consulting teams working on the project “Civil and Family Dispute Resolution Mechanisms and Their Effectiveness in Colombia and Peru. The project has gathered information on the functioning of Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms (ADR) through interviews with authorities, officials and users of mediation and conciliation centers.
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A historical challenge for the region’s judicial systems is the proper management of procedural congestion. Since its inception, JSCA has focused on the need to generate comparable data on judicial production, resolution rates and procedural congestion rates in justice institutions as central issues in the agenda and discussions on the efficiency of justice institutions.
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Throughout 2023, two JSCA consulting teams formed by Mateo Vasquez Echeverri, Samed Mateo Vargas Montero, Leonardo García and Lizeth Johanna Ñungo Pérez (Colombia) and the Former Minister of Justice and Human Rights Eduardo Vega Luna, Federico Chunga Fiestas and Cristell Paola Casani Apaza (Peru) have traveled to six locations in these countries to meet with officials from conciliation centers, with the aim of reflecting and analyzing the different judicial and non-judicial solutions that exist for the resolution of family and marriage conflicts. living place.
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