Mandatory membership: Answers to an incomplete question

María José del Solar, JSCA Attorney and Researcher

In a column published by the digital news outlet, attorney and researcher María José del Solar of the Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA) offers an exhaustive analysis of the proposal issued by the Chilean Bar Association to reestablish mandatory membership for legal professionals in that country.

The JSCA researcher describes it as “a limited discussion that has not considered the relationship between the practice of law and access to justice,” and explains that “there is a need to expand the scope of this debate.”

Del Solar further explains that there is a need to “reflect on the current context” from two perspectives: “the labor conditions of an increasingly broad group of professionals and the quality of the services offered to users.”

“Questioning the profession is nothing new in Chile, and such critiques have mainly focused on the quality of university training and lack of oversight of professional practice,” she notes.

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