The Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA) presents the text The Importance of Evidence:  A Canadian Perspective. The study, which was written by Emma Cunliffe, is being published with the support of Global Affairs Canada (GAC) through the project “Improving Access to Civil Justice in Latin America.”

IV Chapters

The publication is divided into four chapters. Chapter 1, “Canadian Federalism: The Charter and the History of Evidentiary Law Reform,” explores topics related to federalism, law and freedoms in Canada.

Chapter 2, “The Role of the Judge and Litigants,” addresses judicial independence and impartiality and the responsibilities of judicial oversight.

Chapter 3, “The Roles and Functions of the Parties,” analyzes principles related to attorneys that have not yet been completely defined in Canadian case law.

Finally, Chapter 4, “Key Legal Concepts,” describes concepts such as relevance, evidentiary value, prejudicial effect and the application of principles to achieve sentences that are respectful of human rights.

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