CEJA announces its new CEJACAMPUS e-learning platform, specialized in strengthening competencies for the transformation of justice systems in Latin America and the Caribbean, with various programs and courses that increase and integrate the knowledge, capabilities and qualities of participants.

CEJACAMPUS seeks to generate a community committed to the rule of law and democracy in the countries of the Americas, with the necessary capabilities and tools to promote the changes required in regional and national contexts.

The CEJACAMPUS training model is made up of the following axes: Quality and technical excellence Public policies with an interdisciplinary perspective. Evidence-based knowledge and practical and applied guidance. Relevance to regional and national realities. Innovative training.

The platform’s methodology is guided by Agile learning, focused on people and results, communication, self-management and short deadlines. CEJACAMPUS offers programs and courses with asynchronous, hybrid and synchronous modality. The transversal approaches of CEJACAMPUS training programs are: human rights and interculturality, gender and intersectionality, critical and proactive attitude based on evidence, ethics and professional responsibility, co-creation and participation.

At CEJACAMPUS you will find programs and courses on civil, family, criminal and gender justice, collective processes, expert evidence and case management, among others. We invite you to register on the CEJACAMPUS platform and review our programs and courses at the following link: https://cejacampus.org/