The Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA) and the Magistrate’s Council of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA) signed an agreement today to draft the CABA Civil and Commercial Procedure Code. 

“JSCA will make all of its experience with the transformation of civil and commercial justice available for the drafting of the CABA Civil and Commercial Procedure Code,” stated JSCA Executive Director Jaime Arellano.

He explained that the idea is to connect regulatory matters and material changes (adjustments to practices, organization, etc.).

The goal of the agreement is to jointly implement action plans in order to achieve the goals proposed by the Working Group that will draft the CABA Civil and Commercial Procedure Code.

The following aspects of the agreement action plans are particularly noteworthy:

  • Regular consultations and exchange of information including bibliographic material, scientific documents, and publications.
  • Statistical information and databases.
  • Joint creation of research teams focused on topics of shared interest.

JSCA signed a framework agreement with the CABA Magistrate’s Council in 2005.