Two virtual courses have been announced that will provide tools for strengthening the use of oral procedures and will present structural discussions on the institution of civil trial by jury

The Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA), the Chaco Province Government and the province’s Superior Court signed cooperation agreements on Tuesday. 

The main objective of the cooperation agreement is to develop a joint work agenda on civil justice modernization through various activities that create spaces for discussion and the exchange of experiences.

JSCA Executive Director Jaime Arellano stated that training for judges and attorneys is key to the success of the introduction of the new oral civil and commercial justice system in Chaco province.

We must develop new skills for holding hearings and different abilities along with strategies for litigating in these proceedings, particularly in trials by jury,” he stressed.

Arellano also highlighted the work that the Chaco Province government and judiciary have done. “We are grateful to the government and judiciary for making JSCA part of their coordinated effort. We also celebrate the active participation of the professional associations because it will be vital to train litigators in this new way of doing justice.” 

“We will have to evaluate the system’s performance and the quality of hearing management and litigation very soon. We will draw lessons from Chaco that we can apply to all of Argentina and the region, and will continue to make improvements within the province.”

Jaime Arellano, Executive Director of JSCA

For her part, Chaco Province Minister of Security and Justice Gloria Zalazar stated that training is vitally important to improving the quality of the justice service.

“We understand that it is necessary to train and receive training ourselves. These agreements will allow us to do just that.”

Gloria Salazar, Minister of Security and Justice, Chaco Province

JSCA Training Area Director Leonel González, JSCA Research and Projects Director Marco Fandiño, and the Assistant Governor of the Chaco Province also participated in the activity.

They were joined by Undersecretary of Justice Lourdes Polo Budzovsky; Undersecretary of Planning for Security and Justice Leandro Alvarez; the Chief Justice of the Chaco Superior Court, the Honorable Rolando Ignacio Toledo; UNNE Law School and Social and Political Sciences Dean Mario Villegas; and Omar D’Andrea, the Academic Secretary of the UNNE Law and Social and Political Sciences School.


In the context of the signing of the cooperation agreement and with the participation of UNNE, the launch of two virtual training courses was announced. The courses are designed to provide tools to strengthen the use of oral procedures and to present structural discussions on the institution of civil trial by jury based on the passage of Law No. 3325-B.

 The first course, “Techniques and abilities for managing civil oral hearings,” will be held May 10-14. The second, “Civil oral litigation techniques,” will take place May 17-21.

The first course is mainly geared towards judges and judicial officials. The second is for litigators, attorneys who work for the State, public defenders and anyone in a similar role.