The virtual courses are offered by JSCA through its platform, which means that people have better access to innovative content on justice in the region without needing to travel. Participants may also work around their work hours to study the content, take assessments, and engage in extra activities. 

These courses address various topics related to civil and criminal justice that focus on a wide range of challenges such as judicial management, evidence, gender, collective processes and pretrial detention. They last for three months and are offered twice per year. Anyone with an interest in justice-related issues may complete these courses, especially attorneys, judges, prosecutors and public defenders.

The courses are in spanish.


Dates: May 4-July 24
Duration: 11 weeks
a.- Collective Processes
b.- Gender and Justice in Latin America
c.- Civil Justice Reform in Latin America


Dates: September 7-November 27

Duration: 11 weeks
a.- Expert Evidence in an Oral Civil Process
b.- Judicial and case management in civil justice
c.- Trial by jury
d.- Civil Justice Reform in Latin America
e.- Collective Processes
f.- Gender and Justice in Latin America


These courses may be taken any time of year for free. If participants wish to obtain certification for passing the course, they may use the appropriate channel to request it. The cost of the certification is US$100, which must be paid to our institution via electronic transfer. To request certification, please send an email to

The courses offered using this mode are: 

1.- Drug Treatment Courts
2.- Pretrial Services
3.- Challenges for the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Latin America
4.- Pretrial Detention in Latin America