Virtual Courses are offered through our platform The main purpose is to give users access to innovative, ground-breaking content on justice in the region that they can use without traveling. JSCA can tailor its offerings to users’ schedules and offer evaluations and extra activities.  

These #Courses address a variety of topics related to both civil and criminal justice and focus on justice-related challenges such as judicial management, evidence, gender, collective processes, and pretrial detention. Each course lasts for 1.5 months and is offered twice each year. Our courses are designed for individuals with an interest in topics related to justice, especially attorneys, judges, prosecutors, and public defenders.

Dates: To be defined
Duration: 7 weeks

a.- Collective Processes
b.- Gender and Justice in Latin America

Dates: To be defined
Duration: 7 weeks

a.- Judicial Management and Case Management in Civil Justice
b.- Trial by Jury

Virtual Course: Improving the management of reports and prosecutorial and police investigation in America (Registration)

Check out the video presentation of the course here (In spanish)

This virtual course was developed in the context of the project “Combating impunity by strengthening sequences of measures in criminal prosecution,” which JSCA conducted in collaboration with the German cooperation agency Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The course is financed and promoted by the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Relations.

It offers tools for strengthening criminal prosecutor of gender-related crimes that occur within intimate relationships (such as domestic violence) in response to the increase of this phenomenon in the region during the public health crisis. The target audience for this course is police and public prosecutor’s office officials from Latin America.