Resolutions 2009

The Board of Directors of the Justice Studies Center of the Americas met on December 18, 2009 in Santiago, Chile. The meeting was attended by Board members Russell Wheeler (President), Hebe Martínez (Vice President), Jaime Arellano, Lucila Larrandart and Marc Rosenberg. By virtue of Article 13 of its Statutes and Articles 18 and 19 of its Regulations, it resolves:
  1. To congratulate JSCA Executive Director Cristián Riego on his presentation of the 2009 Annual Report and for the work done this year, particularly in the areas of Management and Information and pretrial detention. In regard to the latter and at the suggestion of Board Member Martínez, the Board agrees to pay special attention to the impact of this issue in view of the findings presented in the country reports.
  2. To approve the 2010 Financial Plan and Plan of Action in accordance with the scenarios projected by the Executive Director.
  3. To approve the financial statements for 2007-2008. The Board also agrees that said statements should be published on the institution’s Website.
  4. To select the company Moore Stephens as the institution’s auditing firm for 2009-2010 based on the technical and economic offers received by the Board.
  5. To delegate the task of coordinating and making any decisions necessary in order to ensure JSCA’s participation and submission of its report to the VIII Meeting of the Ministers of Justice or Ministers or Attorneys General of the Americas (REMJA) to the President of the Board.
  6. To approve the agreements signed with the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the Universidad Católica Boliviana de San Pablo.
  7. To bid farewell to Board Member and former Board President Jaime Arellano, who served as a member of this body for six years and played a key role in the Center’s management, the fluidity of relations with the OAS and the strengthening of JSCA’s institutional capacities. The Board also agrees to issue a certificate of recognition to the family of late Board member Lloyd Ellis.
In Santiago, on Friday, May 8, 2009, the Board of Directors met, with the participation of Counselors Jaime Arellano (President), Lloyd Ellis (Vice President), Marc Rosenberg, Hebe Martínez, Russell Wheeler and Lucila Larrandart, with the presence as an observer of Mr. Gerald Le Francois, as senior development officer of the CIDA-JSCA Project and, pursuant to Article 13 of its Statute and 11, 12, 18 and 19 of its Regulations, resolves:
  1. Congratulate Board Member Marc Rosenberg for his assumption as Director of JSCA.
  2. To congratulate the Director of Projects, Mr. Mauricio Duce, on the Inter-American Training of Trainers for the Criminal Procedure Reform Program, in its 2009 version. The Councilors express their agreement for having personally witnessed the development of the courses and expressed their willingness to replicate their participation in JSCA activities with regional call.
  3. Appoint unanimously Russell Wheeler as President of JSCA and Hebe Martinez as Vice-President. The Council encourages the occasion to thank the directors, Jaime Arellano in the Presidency and Lloyd Ellis in the Vice-Presidency for their leadership, work and commitment.
  4. To agree to the holding of a next meeting of the Board of Directors during the month of December of the year 2009. The Secretary is entrusted to explore and inform the Board of the most propitious date with this objective.