Resolutions 2006

In Santiago, Chile, on Friday, November 3, 2006, the XV Ordinary Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA) was held, with the participation of the Councilors George M. Thomson, Jaime Arellano, Justice LLoyd Ellis, Germán Garavano, Carlos Caputo, Hebe Martinez and elected Councilor Russell Wheeler.

  The meeting began with a substantial discussion regarding the role of the Board of Directors, particularly in aspects of its internal JSCA policy and its relationship with the Executive Directorate. One of the important results of this dialogue was the agreement for the Council to schedule an additional meeting each year, dedicated exclusively to the discussion of institutional policy strategies.

The Board of Directors agreed the following resolutions, in accordance with the provisions of article 13 of its Statute and 18 and 19 of its Regulations:
  1. To sanction the Resolutions of the XIV Directing Council held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
  2. To welcome the integration of Russell Wheeler and to bid farewell and to thank Douglass Cassel for his significant contribution to the Board and the institution, during the six years of performance as board member. It was agreed that the Council transmit to you in writing the expression of your gratitude.
  3. Approve the presentation of the Executive Director on Activity Report, Financial Report 2006 and 2007 Budget of the institution.
  4. Request from the Executive Director a new study of the results of the proposal for the designation of the JSCA auditing company, transmitting to the Council its final recommendation in this regard. The Council will be consulted about its approval in this matter by email.
  5. Intensify efforts to continue supporting JSCA's financial sustainability policies, in the context agreed in VI REMJA, the XXXVI General Assembly of the OAS and the provisions of the recently approved USAID project. In this context, the Council encourages to persevere with the work initiated by the executive secretariat around a permanent, precise and integral follow-up of this process, reporting periodically on its progress to the Executive Director and Executive Directors.
  6. Ratify all the cooperation agreements signed by the Executive Director.
  7. Hold a second extraordinary annual meeting of the Board of Directors exclusively devoted to the analysis of JSCA's institutional policies and strategies.
  8. Implement the information system proposed by the Executive Directorate in order to maintain a permanent contact between the Directors and the administration of the institution, as well as facilitate the follow-up of the efforts to commit the Member States to the development of the institution.
  9. To entrust the Executive Secretary with a report that, according to the Statute, Regulation and precedent, defines the general lines on which the process of convening the new JSCA Director should be developed. In this same sense, the Executive Director is requested to present a document that shows the organic and functional requirements that allow a successful transition in the management of the organization.
  10. To entrust the Executive Secretary with a study on the procedure used by other international organizations, similar to JSCA, for the compensation or remuneration of their governing bodies, informing of this in the next session of this Council.
  11. To approve the motion proposed by Board Member Lloyd Ellis to designate, as of January 1, 2007, as Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jaime Arellano and Germán Garavano, respectively, thanking George's dedicated and efficient presidency. Thomson.
  12. Convene meetings of the Board of Directors for the months of March, August and November of 2007, requesting the Executive Secretary the due coordination of dates, possibilities and agendas with the members of the Board.

In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on April 23, 2006, the Board of Directors met with the participation of the Councilors George M. Thomson, Jaime Arellano, Lloyd Ellis, Douglass Cassel, Carlos Eduardo Caputo and Hebe Martinez, and under the Article 13 of its Statute and 18 and 19 of its Regulations, resolves:
  1. To approve the Resolutions of the XIII Directing Council, held in December of last year in Chile, including the final sanction of the budget for the year 2006.
  2. Express its satisfaction with the report issued on the occasion of the expert evaluator of the CIDA Project and the evaluation report of the Pilot Plan of Mar del Plata on the Deepening of the Criminal Justice Accusatory System
  3. Approve the presentation that the Executive Director has proposed for VI REMJA in relation to the Activity Report and Financing Plan of the Institution, agreeing that its presentation be conducted by the Chairman of the Board.
  4. To agree, in the topic of financing, the following text of conclusions and recommendations for consideration in REMJA."To approve the Financing Plan presented on behalf of V REMJA and to urge the Member States to take into account the amounts indicated in said Plan, as minimum contributions necessary to cover the essential expenses of the Center."
  5. It is entrusted to the Executive Director, Councilor Cassel and Executive Secretary of the Council, to coordinate the necessary actions for the effective and integral inclusion of the aforementioned text.
  6. To approve the holding of an ordinary meeting of the Board of Directors for the month of December of this year, entrusting the Executive Secretariat with its organization and due programming.