Resolutions Year 2000

Washington January 27 and 28, 2000
  1. The proposal submitted by the Government of Chile to be the headquarters of the JSCA is selected, within the framework of four additional applications submitted for this purpose. The Third REMJA (March 1,2 and 3, 2000) is recommended by the Board of Directors for its final approval.
  2. It is urged by the need to reiterate before the said Forum of Ministers the financial commitments assumed by the OAS Member States in order to contribute with voluntary contributions to the JSCA.
Santiago, May 2000
  1. A procedure for the selection of the Executive Director of the JSCA is established, which incorporates an open application process, with wide dissemination among the OAS Member States, a maximum deadline for its reception and description of a suitable profile with the position to provide. A sub-committee of the Board is entrusted with the presentation of this proposal and the subsequent exhibition and justification of the candidacies submitted for that purpose.
  2. It is agreed to draft a Headquarters Agreement between the JSCA and the Government of Chile, which establishes a minimum status for the operation of the organization in Chile.
  3. It is decided to explore a series of Cooperation Agreements between the JSCA and the General Secretariat of the OAS.
  4. The JSCA board of directors is appointed, consisting of a President and Vice-President.
Miami July 2000
  1. The lawyer Juan Enrique Vargas is elected as Executive Director of the JSCA and a proposal is presented for his formal appointment by the Permanent Council of the OAS.
  2. The draft JSCA Regulation presented by the Executive Secretariat is approved and some changes are entrusted to its final provisions.
  3. The initial JSCA Installation Plan is approved by the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the CDJ for the establishment and initial operation of the institution.
Santiago, October 2000
  1. Initial Work Plan presented by the Executive Director of the JSCA is approved.
  2. Project of Agreement of Headquarters between the JSCA and the Government of Chile is approved.
  3. Final version of JSCA Regulation is approved.
  4. The Executive Secretary of the JSCA is formally appointed.