Cecilia Barrios
Board Director

Lawyer and Notary Public, with experience in the judicial field in the labor branch; in criminal matters as Section Prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and in Human Rights as Rapporteur of the National Office for the Prevention of Torture. She also has teaching experience at the Law School of the Mariano Galvez University of Guatemala.

Titular Rapporteur and President 2019-2020 of the National Office for the Prevention of Torture, 2018 to March 2022. Deputy Prosecutor of Section Prosecutor’s Office against Money Laundering and other Assets and Extinction of Dominion Unit. Coordinator of the Early Decision Unit -UDT- Women’s Prosecutor’s Office. Officer of the Third Labor Court of the Judiciary.

She holds a Ph.D. in Criminal Sciences, a Master’s Degree in Constitutional Law and a Master’s Degree in Forensic Sciences.